Cellular Soup productions presents



The Brain have remained one of the cornerstones of SE London’s underground/experimental music scene since the early 80s. Probably the only agreed fact about them is that they defy categorisation. Those who’ve seen them before will leap at this rare chance to witness this brief reformation, but those who haven’t: get ready. You’re in for a manic whirlwind of authentic DIY post-punk, dirty surrealism and twisted apocalyptic cabaret. They’re lunatics. Absolute glorious lunatics. Catch them while you can.

Adamski proudly presents SONNY ERIKSSON
So you thought rock and roll was dead? Wrong – the immaculately coiffed cyber-billy superhero we need but barely deserve. Armed against a world of beige with just a sparkly Gretsch and a laptop, his incredible stage presence seamlessly melds genres as diverse as psycho-billy, no-wave, electro, damn fine pop and a genre we won’t discover until the year 2525.


Ted Milton & Sam Britton present ODES
Most people know Ted Milton primarily from his work with his post-punk/no-wave band Blurt, but his body of work extends much further. Working with Sam Britten on electronics, this is a rare opportunity to experience Milton’s various solo-recordings and collaborations in a more intimate setting. This is a one off special appearance during Blurt’s European tour. Expect extreme suavery, exquisite skronkery and the most sophisticated savagery.

And your DJ for the evening DUMB BLONDE
Dumb Blonde has been digging through his crates of bits and bytes to uncover some forgotten futurist gems and upbeat oddities for the evening. From post-punk and psychedelia through to lounge and industrial, the only thing he holds sacred is playing something.