FRI, 30th JUNE 2023

7pm - 12am

EB: £25-£35 adv + bf


In aid of Autistic Children, OPG DtB & ARK present

BUZZCOCKS + Latchicos + RocknRoll Suicidez + Healthy Junkies

All profits from this event go to ““`St Nicholas School of Canterbury – For children and young people, from 4 – 19 years, with a range of special educational needs.

DJ Jeff Monday

Buzzcocks – intimate London warm up show

Pete Shelley and Howard Devoto formed Buzzcocks in Bolton in February 1976. The band, completed by the addition of Steve Diggle and John Maher, opened for the Sex Pistols in Manchester on July 20th, a follow up to the now (in)famous Lesser Free Trade Hall gig which Devoto and Shelley had organised the month before.

Gigs in Manchester and London followed, and by the end of 1976, Buzzcocks became one of the first groups to form their own independent record label – New Hormones – on which they released the now-legendary and seminal ‘Spiral Scratch’ EP.

The following year saw the departure of Devoto and the recruitment of bassist Steve Garvey. In August 1977, the band signed a recording contract with United Artists Records and released the landmark ‘Orgasm Addict’ single. This was swiftly followed by ‘What Do I Get?’, the band’s first entry into the UK top 40 singles chart and the first of a string of chart singles. Over the next three years, Buzzcocks toured extensively and released a trilogy of outstanding albums: Another Music in a Different Kitchen, Love Bites and A Different Kind of Tension, as well as the hugely influential and popular Singles Going Steady compilation. In 1981, the band went their separate ways to undertake new projects.

1989 saw the reconvened Shelley/Diggle/Garvey/Maher line-up tour the world again by popular demand. Since then, the Shelley/Diggle partnership has been the core of sustained and successful activity without pause, punctuating the years of high profile gigging to date with six successful and well-received studio albums, culminating in 2015’s The Way.

With the untimely passing of Pete Shelley in December 2018, Buzzcocks have continued to play live shows with founding member, Steve Diggle, taking over vocal duties to front the band. (A guest guitarist will be added to all live shows)

Steve has sung with the band from the very beginning, writing 50 songs, including hits “Promises”, “Fast Cards” & “Harmony in my Head”. He will be joined by the long term current line-up of Danny Farrant (Drums) & Chris Remington (Bass) performing all the classic Buzzcocks hits & more.

“I am going to raise the mast & set the sails for the next voyage of the good ship, Buzzcocks” – Steve Diggle

Latchicos: Rehearse and get drunk once a year, greatest band you’ve never heard of, only ambition is not being bottled off stage for once

RocknRoll Suicidez: Garage / Punk / Reggae hybrid, conceived of in a pub in London whilst under the influence of JD. Self penned RocknRoll classics with an obscure cover thrown in

Healthy Junkies: With inspiration drawn from some of the most iconic bands of the last century, their multi-faceted breed of punk rock has the distinct shimmer of glam but with a dash of dirty grunge

DJ Jeff Monday -Got a punk show? Get London’s best Punk