TUE, 16th APR 2024

7.30pm - 11pm

£12.50-17.50 adv + bf


Rebel Reel Cine Club and Music Film Network at the Iconic 100 Club

Ciao Manhattan

Written and directed by John Palmer and David Weisman 1972

4 months before she died Edie Sedgwick made a film about (and not about) her life and the Warhol Set/ World …

A director whose desire to achieve the impossible and to win at all costs who no-one can recall how he got hired … twice losing his leading lady (the second time to her premature death) and yet he still completed the film …

Actor Paul America flees in the middle of a scene, driving off whilst being filmed driving around the Pan An Building, disappears for 18 months and is eventually found in a Michigan jail.

Hundreds of extras dropped acid and chaotically were filmed with a naked Allen Ginsburg walking amongst them…

This is Ciao Manhattan

Our friends at the Museum of Youth Culture will be joining us at the 100 Club and they want to see your photographs of being a teenage Punk! Bring along your photographs, flyers and ephemera to be scanned for their collection and share your memories with the museum.