MON, 23rd SEPT 2019

7.30pm - 11.00pm

£12.50 adv + bf


At the 100 Club on Oxford Street on Monday 23rd September 2019 – nearly 50 years on to the day from it’s release – a group of spirited amateurs will perform Abbey Road by the Beatles in it’s entirety, and raise money for The National Literacy Trust at the same time.

Literacy is at the heart of many social problems in the UK today, and as a band made up of people who work in publishing, TV and education, we want to support a charity that does brilliant work to improve literacy among children and adults.

Charitable sponsorship is often associated with Herculean exercise. If this band attempted exercise we wouldn’t raise much money but might cost the NHS a good deal. Rock ’n’ Roll is our only option.

The band are:

Andy Miller – Vocals and Keyboard
Hannah Griffiths – Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals
David ‘Klaf’ Klafkowski – Electric Guitar
Malcolm MacWatt – Guitar and Backing Vocals
Stephen Page – Ringo

So, Come Together on a Monday night and watch us do our version of one of the greatest records ever recorded. It will not be a facsimile but we’ll give it our best!

And if you can’t make it on the night, you can make a donation to support the National Literacy Trust at