TUE, 29th OCT 2019

7.15pm - 11.00pm

£12.00 adv + bf


Solid Entertainments Presents:

Tuesday Blues at the 100 Club


‘John Verity is a veteran performer at the top of his game – the playing is immaculate and full of passion, as you would expect from one of the UK’s leading exponents of blues guitar’

‘Luckily, I do know the answer to the question of who is the most consistent performer on the British blues rock circuit. It’s the man and musician, John Verity, who is blue to his soul.’

John Verity has had a varied and amazing career, supporting rock luminaries such as JIMI HENDRIX, JANIS JOPLIN, JOHN MAYALL’S BLUESBREAKERS and MOUNTAIN. Recording with RINGO STARR, KEITH EMERSON, GREG LAKE, TIM ROSE, ZOMBIES, COLIN BLUNSTONE, PHOENIX and ARGENT to name a few.

John is also an established producer of numerous artists including Saxon, Charlie and Phoenix plus his own extensive album catalogue but a priority has always been ‘live work’. John’s extensive touring schedule in 2016/17 has seen him scaling new heights which is set to continue in 2018 with even more new venues and festivals.

John Verity has been among the most enduring performers on the blues rock scene for many years. Nothing compares to seeing JV live, up close, on stage as John’s guitar playing is a joy, whether it be soulful acoustic or driving amplified in style. What marks him out from others is his timing and feel which are close to perfection. With his unmistakable and distinctive soulful blues edge to both singing and playing John is pleasing old friends and winning over many new fans, as evidenced from the comments below after gigs in 2016 and 2017:- ‘For me, John Verity Band were the highlight of the weekend. I didn’t know what to expect but they’re awesome! I’m now a confirmed JV fan!’

‘I’m listening to John Verity today. I first saw him at Sheffield O2 and was utterly stunned and gobsmacked by just how good he is. This guy has the best style and touch – as a player he makes me tingle. Miss this guy at your peril’.

‘You are left under no illusion that you are in the hands of a proper musician and vocalist who would have no problem filling a stadium, packing out any club and bringing a festival audience to their feet. Go see him!’

‘When I told a colleague that I’d been listening to John Verity’s new album, his eyes lit up but instead of banging on about Argent and Phoenix, he raved about seeing The John Verity Band knocking them dead with classic blues riffs at the sell-out HRH event at Sheffield O2’.

‘With a 45 year career to call on John could quite easily have filled the night with his own compositions. But this is a man who knows how to entertain – choice covers drew us in and provided that sense of comfort that makes the audience listen intently to the many original songs as much as to those they know. Though, in truth, John and the band could have played pretty much anything so captivated were the audience by the sheer quality of musicianship they displayed. At the end of two sets the entire audience were on their feet to give the band an entirely justified standing ovation’.

‘If you’ve never seen or heard The John Verity band you have really missed someone very special indeed. Over many years from the early ones with Argent, John has produced some great blues based albums, done absolutely thousands of miles travelling up and down the land packing venues and has a vast base of fans who see him again and again. Recently he put out a ‘Live in 2017’ DVD, one of those unmissable releases…. and now comes what could well be the best album of his career, as well as the best electric blues album of 2017. With his own touring band and some very fine musicians joining him on various tracks gives an album he should be more than proud of. Great songs, great performances. John not only has a great voice for his material but his exceptional guitar playing almost segues voice and guitar into one.’

‘This master craftsman of the guitar has a perfect touch, eking out delightful sounds and great power from his guitar. The production is just right, subtle and gentle when it needs to be, in your face as required. The accompanying musicians are phenomenal, fitting right into the musical ideas, and providing the ideal platform for John Verity’s extraordinary music to stand tall on.’

‘What can I say, I have been a fan of JV since 1974, opening for Argent, then with Argent, seen him many times over the last 30 years either with a band or solo, but must say in the past 2 years JV has had a 2nd wind. I recently saw him at Ludlow Brewery where he made many new friends and the feedback I got was…. why haven’t we heard more from him. Well to the new album, have to admit I did wonder how JV was going to follow up his last album, ‘My Religion’. Not a problem as it’s a great collection of covers and self-penned, everyone a gem, with an added live version of ‘Hold your head up’ so if you are on your travels and see JV is playing be sure to go and buy this CD. It has a feel good factor, and there is life in the old dog yet’