SUN, 23rd APR 2023

7:30pm - 11pm

£15 + adv + bf


KING SALAMI & THE CUMBERLAND THREE – This is London’s greatest and most sensational Rhythm’n’Blues-Punk band. And this is a band that truly represents London, being a mongrel mix of Caribbean, France, Japan and Spain. With a repertoire influenced by many of the great songs of the ’50s and ’60s made to sound fresh and new to modern ears, you won’t be able to help but move your feet when the Cumberland Three are blasting out of your speakers.

THE RAZERBILLS – Are without doubt the spookiest surfiest instrumental combo you wouldn’t wanna meet on a dark night in Bradford! Having made their acquaintance with their spooky sound It was plain to see and hear that the gents had a soft spot for horror! it transpires that the bands main influence was garnered by the events bestowed to one Rocky Rossito, a legendary B-movie stuntman and amateur ornitholigist. Rocky had plunged to his death on a coastal birdwatching trip whilst recording nesting Alca Torda (Razorbills) , his body consumed by the deep, dark, choppy surf below! From the grizzly tragedy THE RAZERBILLS were born and with capes fluttering – they took flight!

THE VOO-DOOMS – 4 gruesome fellas who whilst telling tales of the macabre and terror to their unsuspecting public also fill your heart with pure doom and question your very being, are you dead or alive?, who am i?, why am I ? but once you hear their garage monster tunes you’ll be twistin’ to the ‘Voo-Doom Twist’, breaking your necks to the ‘Hangman Stomp and getting pretty grizzly to ‘Stop Haunting Me’ …….so come on in, feel the Doom …….we need fresh blood!!!!!