TUE, 7th JAN 2020

7.30pm - 11.00pm

£15.00 adv + bf / £18.00 OTD


The 100 Club presents…

Resolution, a ten-day festival of all things punk, is returning yet again to it’s spiritual home, the 100 Club, for the 6th year running in January 2020. Resolution Festival celebrates the bands and musicians who kick started the punk movement and those who continue to breathe new life into it today.

Tickets for the whole festival available at £85 (individual tickets available too)

On the Sunday there will be an all-dayer from 4pm-10:30pm.

For the first time the festival will be 14+, anyone under 18 needs to come along with an adult. Student discounted tickets available.

Again, for the first time ever we’re looking to showcase the talents of women in punk music – we have a stellar line up of all-female artists supporting BRIX & THE EXTRICATED.

The supports include –


Drawn to the raw and engaging indie rock scene emerging from the UK, Swedish Jen Ahlkvist and Fanny Broberg packed up themselves and their guitars to came to London intent on carving out a new vital sound. After crossing paths with bassist Zoe Biggs and drummer Lexi Clark, The Franklys were formed with a determination for creating energetic and powerful garage rock.

Wasting no time, the band threw themselves into relentless touring, extending their reach across the UK, Europe and America. After performances at Isle of Wight and Download festivals, they completed the circuit of O2 venues in the UK opening up for Airbourne. The Franklys went on to feature in an Apple Music advert, exclusively aired during The Brit Awards 2017, and released their debut album ‘Are You Listening?’ later that same year. The release of their single ‘Castaway’ from the album was described as ‘the best thing they’ve done to date’ by Steve Lamacq of BBC 6 Music.

The band have built a reputation in London and beyond as a ‘must see’ live band, combining dark and heavy riffs with frenetic and dynamic on stage performances. 2018 saw The Franklys complete four European tours alongside various UK dates, and in 2019 the band recorded and released the ‘Framed’ EP.


An explosive All-Girl Bitchin Punk Rock Band from London’


Forged in the crucible of hospitality jobs and in some cases the womb, these four women are bound by laughter, humous, and a shared need to process whatever the fuck is going on in the world right now. Shunning virtuosity in favour of vociferousness, they dance around in their pants singing songs of joy and confusion at each other.


‘Billy Nomates rattles though her distain for living to others expectations with cool, calm intensity, yet a degree of mania reminiscent of Patti Smith’s ‘Horses’.’ Slag Mag

‘NO is what a debut album should be for me. Bold. Odd. Solid.’
Jason Williamson | Sleaford Mods

Tor Marie’s journey to her current musical incarnation, Billy Nomates, is a road littered with failed jobs, failed relationships and unsuccessful bands.
‘I was in a bad way, sleeping on my sister’s sofa, not leaving the house when I heard Sleaford Mods were playing locally, so I thought, ‘just go, get out the house’.

I went on my own and they blew my mind. I hadn’t written anything in four years and this idea of not needing a band was everything I wanted. At the end of the gig some guy came over and said ‘are you Billy Nomates then?’ and in that moment, I heard it and it was perfect.’

Four months later in September 2019 Billy Nomates self-released debut album NO was born. An honest and unapologetic statement of intent; sharp observations of the everyday, the forgotten and the normal, wrapped in biting humour and minimalist punk pop electronica. The title track, NO sets the scene, an exploration of female defiance in an era defined by ‘Me Too’ and online porn. It’s defiance in killer lines like ‘I won’t shave everything off, I’m not 12.’ is juxtaposed with rich chorus’ and extended vocal harmonies that take root in your mind and refuse to leave. The rest of the album follows suit.

Live, the Billy Nomates experience is liberating. True to her name it’s one woman and her laptop, a visually restricted presentation which when matched with her inimitable free movement and soulful vocals singles her out as a rarity; an original artist.