The 100 Club presents…

Resolution, a ten-day festival of all things punk, is returning yet again to it’s spiritual home, the 100 Club, for the 6th year running in January 2020. Resolution Festival celebrates the bands and musicians who kick started the punk movement and those who continue to breathe new life into it today.

Tickets for the whole festival available at £85.

For the first time the festival will be 14+, anyone under 18 needs to come along with an adult.

Line up:

Friday 3rd –

TV Smith & The Bored Teenagers + Slagerij + Blue Carpet Band

Saturday 4th –

ANWL + Crashed Out +Sweeney and the Fellas

Sunday 5th – Half-Day Festival.

MENACE + Newtown Neurotics + Knock Off + Nick Cash + Face Up + Delinquents + Cockwomble + Chinese Burn

Monday 6th –

The Restarts + Backstreet Abortions + Rats Nest

Tuesday 7th –

THE FRANKLYS + Slagheap + BillyNoMates

Wednesday 8th –

THE VIBRATORS + Guitar Gangsters + Desperate Measures

Thursday 9th –

SUBHUMANS + The Blunders + Rebel Station

Friday 10th –

GBH + The Varukers + Borrowed Time

Saturday 11th –

THE BOYS + Last Great Dreamers

Sunday 12th –

UK SUBS + Red Light Rebels