AGMP presents


Rudy Love is the centre of music documentary feature THIS IS LOVE, which is having its World Premiere at @RaindanceFilmFestLondon. Rudy’s experience in the music industry over the decades encapsulates a quintessential struggle of African American artists of the 20th and 21st centuries. His voice has been woven into hits from every decade since the sixties, yet he lives unknown in Wichita, Kansas.

Rudy Love’s name circles among musicians like a ghost, an unseen guru who’s been influencing listeners whether they know it or not. Artists from Jay Z to George Clinton herald him as an unsung hero of soul. THIS IS LOVE strives to shine light on a corner of music history often overlooked.

Rudy alongside his brother Bob Love and son Rudy Love Jr. will be performing some of Rudy’s most prolific records to an audience at 100 Club and we hope you can join him in a celebration of music and love. This exclusive, intimate concert is taking place immediately after the World Premiere of THS IS LOVE at Raindance Film Festival.