We first opened our doors at The 100 Club 75 years ago, and it’s with great excitement that we’ll be working once again, with the brand at the heart of British music and subculture: Fred Perry. We’ve got some great gigs already lined up for you, with exciting new talent and some real music icons.

“Music brings people together from all walks of life,” says venues owner, Jeff Horton, “and I feel very lucky and incredibly proud to say that The 100 Club has played a special part in the development of the British music scene for the last 75 years. Working with Fred Perry, a brand so synonymous with music and subculture, feels like the perfect fit for us and allows us to keep adding to the club’s legacy.”

“It might be my name above the door, but this club is owned by everyone who has ever come through the doors, from the acts on stage, the crew and staff to the kids bouncing up and down on the dancefloor. I’m simply the guardian for the next generation.”