London’s SHOPPING are an infectious trio made of sharp guitar lines, propulsive bass twangs and head snapping drum kicks. Their lyrics are a witty and incisive take on capitalism and consumer culture and new album Why Choose a fidgety, hyperactive collection of (mostly) sub-three-minute tracks that have us really excited about their forthcoming headline show.

They play here on Tuesday 8th December courtesy of our friends at ATP and in anticipation of that show, Andrew from the band has kindly made us a playlist of tracks inspired by their time being away from home on tour.



I omitted super trouper by abba “facing 20,000 of your friends, how could anyone be so lonely” but i was listening to it A LOT on tour.


Yep we did a lot of driving all night… thankfully we had ample supply of Lauper on the ipod to keep us awake. Lauper and fighter-jet strength truck stop coffee.

Another tour staple, there’s some days when you’re facing 10 hours of highway that you just need to embrace the void. You’ll be rewarded with a Motel 6 or a Super 8 if you’re lucky. Just don’t let the desk clerk see there’s actually 4 people staying in there.

Those handclaps. Everyone misses home after 4, 5, 6 weeks on the road. Everyone but me anyway, i’m fine out here with my sleeping bag, can of monster and peanut butter snickers.

I don’t know who I am when i’m not inside a van.

“We’ve been to Georgia and California, and anywhere we could play, took the hand of a Preacher man and he said your band slay” … well, someone from Priests said they really liked it. 😉